What directories to backup and exclude from your backup software

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  • 01-Aug-2008
  • 07-Aug-2017


GWAVA 4 and newer OS: NetWare, Linux, or Windows


Which GWAVA directories should be backed up?


The following directories should be backed up by your backup software:
  • …\config\backup (Configuration DB backups)
  • …\services\qms\data\backup (QMS DB backups)
  • …\services\asengine\configs\<config_id>\backup (Spam Dictionary backups)*
  • (Optional)…\services\qms\data\storage\ (your Quarantined messages are here)
The directories listed above are the only things that need to be backed up for GWAVA. The rest of GWAVA is dynamic and depends on these files. The remaining GWAVA directories/files should not be backed up by your backup software.
Note: Backup software can cause GWAVAQMS database corruption and other issues.
*Note: In GWAVA 4.5 and newer, when using the signature engine, these files do not need to be backed up.  GWAVA6 is signature engine only so this directory may not exist in newer versions of GWAVA.

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