Mail Queued Up in 3rd\Receive Directory

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  • 23-Jun-2008
  • 07-Aug-2017


GWAVA 4 (all builds) on NetWare and Linux GWIA Scanner


Messages backing up in ...\gwia\3rd\receive directory 


Messages in the ...\gwia\3rd\receive directory have been accepted by your GWIA and are waiting for GWAVA to process them. 

1)  First, we need to determine whether mail is actually stopped or just processing slowly. 

We can check this by taking a look at your GWVGWIA Console on the server (NetWare.  For Linux, check the GWVGWIA log in your GWAVA\services\logs\gwvgwia\support directory).  If GWVGWIA shows activity (blocked and/or clean messages), then mail is flowing, but GWAVA isn't keeping up.  Follow this article for slow mail flow:

If GWVGWIA shows no activity, then continue to step 2

2)  Shut down GWAVA using gwavadn (NetWare) or rcgwavaman stop (Linux)

3)  After verifying that all GWAVA modules were unloaded, restart GWAVA

4)  After GWAVA reloads, go back to step 1 to recheck mailflow

5)  If mail still is not flowing, shut down GWAVA and your GWIA and continue to step 6

6)  Delete the following directories under your ...\GWAVA4\services folder:  any directory beginning with 'gwava_' and 'gwia_interface'

7)  Rename your ...\gwia\3rd\receive directory and your ...\gwia\send directory (not ...\3rd\send).  These folders will be recreated when your GWIA is restarted

8)  Start GWAVA and your GWIA and test mailflow again

If mail is now flowing, then make sure to move all of your old mail from the renamed directories to the new send and receive folders to be processed

If mail still is not flowing, you'll need to call Technical Support.

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