Startup/Shutdown Sequence for GWAVA4

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  • 28-Jan-2008
  • 07-Aug-2017


GWAVA4 NetWare and Linux


What is the proper sequence of starting up GWAVA4 and GroupWise?


The startup/shutdown sequence is broken down into the 3 types of scanners.

GWIA Scanner:  There is no shutdown/startup sequence for GWAVA4 on a GWIA scanner. You may need startup and shutdown GWAVA4 at any time with or without any other GroupWise agents.

MTA Scanner:  The MTA scanner does require a startup/shutdown sequence. GWAVA4 must be loaded before the MTA. Then the MTA can be loaded afterwards. We recommend that the MTA then be unloaded before bringing GWAVA4 down.

POA Scanner: There is no particular order of startup or shutdown sequence for the GWAVA  POA Scanner.

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