How To Restore A GWAVAMAN.DB

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  • 19-Feb-2008
  • 19-Nov-2019


GWAVA 4 NetWare 6.5 SP5+ LINUX OES, SLES9.3, SLES10.x


How can I restore the GWAVAMAN.DB if I am seeing corruption messages on the logger screen or in my GWAVAMAN logs? The GWAVAMAN.DB is the brains of the whole GWAVA operation. It contains all of the necessary information to run the scanners, login information as well as all configuration settings. The nice thing is that GWAVA backups and retains 7 days of backups with all of it's databases. In this way the database can easily be restored and retain all of your configuration.


1) Shut down GWAVA . Go into the system console screen and type in: 'gwavadn' for NetWare. (To shutdown GWAVA 4 on Linux go into a prompt type in 'rcgwavaman stop')
2) Go to gwava4\config directory

3) Rename (or move to a different location) the GWAVAMAN.DB and IDENTITY.XML files.

4) Open up the backup  directory within the same directory where you are currently.

5) Take one of the backups (preferably the most recent backup) and extract the content of that into the gwava4/config. This will replace only the GWAVAMAN.DB and the IDENTITY.XML files.

6) Startup GWAVA.  (Go into the system console screen and type in 'gwavaup' for NetWare. (To startup GWAVA 4 on Linux go into a prompt and type in 'rcgwavaman start')

Note: If the restore does not work try going back an additional day or two and see if restoring an earlier backup will fix the problem.

If none of the backups seem to work and you are still are having problems please contact GWAVA Technical Support at: 801-437-5678

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