Mounting A NetWare Volume On A Linux Box (Temporary)

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  • 07-Sep-2007
  • 30-Aug-2017


SUSE Linux Professional 9.3 SUSE Linux 10


Temporarily Mounting a NetWare Volume


Note:  This is NOT a permanent mount. The connection will disolve if either server is reset, or disconnected, and must be re-established for functionality.  REMEMBER, if the netware box becomes disconnected, or the cluster fails over, this would disconnect the mount point. You would need to remount the volume.

To mount NetWare volume on a linux box, you may use the following ncpmount. CIFS type mount also works, but is not provided as an example here. You may add more variables to this mount command (type ncpmount -h to get a list of all varibles), this is the simplified version. You will be asked for a password to be allowed to access and mount volume.

ncpmount -A -S NW65_SERVER1 -U admin.context -V gw7vol /gwvolmnt

-A IP Address
-S Server Name
-U User name + context
-V NetWare volume that is being mounted (gw7vol)
/ Mount directory on the Linux server (/gwvolmnt)
-P (optional) Password to server mounting to. If not included it will prompt.

Note:  This mount command is a not a permanent mount. Once the Linux server is reset, this mount will not exist, and the volume will need to be re-mounted. Volume mounts can be made permanent. Refer to your Linux man pages, or a search on the Internet can assist with setting up a permanent mount point.

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