Backups Are Not Running On Some Newly Installed Post Office Profiles

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  • 26-Oct-2010
  • 29-Aug-2017


Reload (all versions)


I have created some new Post Office profiles, but no backups are running.


1) Make sure the profile was tested and successful.
From the terminal window on the Reload server, start the Console Administration, by typing 'reload' the press enter.

Go to: 'Profiles' -> 'Post Office Profile' -> [profile name] -> 'Profile Overview'

If a test has not been performed and successful, this screen will say that the profile still needs to be tested.

To perform the test, from the profile menu, browse to: 'Advanced' -> 'Test'

The test will immediately begin, and it will indicate if there is anything wrong with the configuration. If there were any problems with the test, take the necessary steps to resolve them, contact GWAVA support if help is needed.

Backups won't be performed on a profile, until the test is successful.

Once the test has been successful, proceed to step 2.
2) Verify that the scheduled backups were enabled.
Go into the profile menu again, then go to 'Advanced' -> 'Schedules'

Select either 'Standard' or 'Portable' and make sure there is a schedule configured for each.
3)  If backups are still not running, check the log files.
If there is still a problem, first look at the 'Profile Overview' in the profile menu, it often indicates problems with the profile.  If any of the issues can be resolved, try those first.  For example: "ERROR: This profile is untested and disabled"  Run the test on the profile and see what is causing the test to fail.

Next, looking through the logs, can give a good indication of what is wrong. 

Go back to the main menu in the console administration.  Select 'Error' and read through the different error reports for Reload, resolve any of the errors that you understand, then go back to the Main Menu.

Select 'Logs', then select 'Error'.  This log should give you any error reports, and should indicate other problems.  For example, "Cannot establish connectivity for Domain Profile: domprof." 

This error indicates that there is a connectivity problem somewhere between Reload and the domain, and checking the connectivity settings would be a useful step in troubleshooting the problem.  Connectivity settings can be modified in the profile menu, under 'Advance' -> 'Connectivity'.
For more help or questions, refer to the Reload knowledge base, support forums, or contact GWAVA support.

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