How to Send a Test Message to a SMTP Scanner Via Telnet

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  • 26-Jan-2011
  • 03-Jun-2019


GWAVA Using an SMTP scanner 


A SMTP scanner was just installed and need to send some test messages to it to ensure mail is flowing.


To send a test message to SMG or GWAVA SMTP scanner, to ensure mail will flow before it starts receiving live mail, do the following:

Note: For SMG only, the timeout needs to be changed, to allow time to follow the steps below. This can be changed in the SMG System Administration | Module Management | Interfaces | SMTP Interface Manager | SMTP Interface | Protocol | Client Connection timeout and Client protocol Timeout. Change them to 30 and save changes.

1)   Open a DOS window from your Workstation.

2) Type: telnet (Space) IPaddress (Space) port so for example:
 telnet 25
3) Type: ehlo  "" <hit enter>
*In SMG the EHLO command will require a domain, as this is RFC standard and best practice. Without the domain it will respond back with an error 500 error. For testing purposse the syntax will require a domain, or server identification. It does not matter what domain is used. 

4) Type: mail from:<> <hit enter>

5) Type: rcpt to:<> <hit enter>

6) Type: data  <hit enter>

7) Type: subject: My test message <hit enter>
8) Type: this is a test <hit enter>
9) Type: . <hit enter>

10) Type: quit <hit enter>

220 GWAVA Proxy Copyright (c) 2011 GWAVA, Inc. All rights reserved. Ready
mail from:<>
250 OK
rcpt to:<>
250 Ok
354 Start mail input; end with <CRLF>.<CRLF>
subject: test
250 Ok

The test message should get sent to the SMG/GWAVA box from there. To see the communication in the log, they are located:

SMG - /opt/gwava/services/logs/gwvsmtp or from SMG System Administration | System Management | Manage servers | <server> | System logs | Download. Choose gwvsmtp-x  and click on the green arrow to download the desired log.

GWAVA 6.x - /opt/beginfinite/gwava/services/logs/gwvsmtp/support

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