Default Alerts in GWAVA

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  • 22-Apr-2011
  • 07-Aug-2017


GWAVA 5, 6 All Builds Linux, Windows


What are the default alerts that GWAVA shows on the dashboard?


As of Build 24, this is the complete list of Alerts:
LICENSE_EXPIRATION: License expiration

APPLICATION_NOT_RESPONDING: A module has not sent a hearbeat to gwavaman in the last 10 minutes

LOW_DISK_SPACE: Free disk space is low

SIGNATURE_ENGINE_CONNECT_FAILURE: GWAVA cannot connect to the signature spam engine

: GWAVA cannot connect to the IP reputation engine

VIRUS_SCANNER_FAILURE: The virus scanner didn't load or initialize properly

VIRUS_BASES_OUT_OF_DATE: The virus scanner bases are out of date

DNS_FAILURE: Unable to communicate with the DNS servers

DATABASE_SIZE: The QMS or STATS database has reached the size threshold setting

DATABASE_CORRUPT: Database corruption was detected

VIRUS_SCANNER_CLEANDETECT_FAILURE: The virus scanner failed the clean message check

VIRUS_SCANNER_VIRUSDETECT_FAILURE: The virus scanner failed the EICAR test

OUTBOUND_VIRUS_DETECTED: An outbound virus was detected

MAINTENANCE_EXPIRATION: Maintenance and support contract expiration
Alerts new to GWAVA 6:
CONFIGURATION ERROR: There is a failure with the configuration.
VIRUS DEFINITION UPDATE FAILURE: The antivirus definition update process failed.

SCAN SESSION FAILURE: The system failed to scan a message.

SIGNATURE ENGINE FAILURE: The signature engine failed.

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