Digest releases but does not show up in clients mailbox

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  • 14-Jan-2009
  • 07-Aug-2017


GWAVA (All versions)


When my scheduled Digest is released or a manual Digest release is performed GWAVA shows it going out but it does not show up in clients mailbox


This could be many things but one of the most common issues is that there are corrupt/bad email messages in the SMTP_mailer/outbound directory.

When a message is released from QMS/QMS2 it is handed off to the "gwvrelay" process.  After releasing a Digest/message it is good to check this screen and make sure there are no errors and that it is functioning properly (best if verbose or diagnostic log level is set)

To check the "outbound" folder:

  • Go to the location of your GWAVA installation.
  • Go to ...services\smtp_mailer\outbound
  • Check this directory for files that are old or end with .bad or .err
  • If these files exist you can delete them or create a new folder and move them out of the "outbound" directory.

Files such as the ones listed above can cause a "traffic jam" in the flow of mail coming from QMS/QMS2. 

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