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Where are the GWAVA logs located?


The GWAVA logs are located in the same location for every installation.


/opt/beginfinite/gwava/services/logs/[module name]/support


C:\Program Files\GWAVA\GWAVA\services\logs\[module name]\support

The installation directory may vary, depending on which directory was selected during the installation.

There should be at least following folders in the logs directory.

Inside of each of these folders is subdirectory called support.
The log files in the support folder contain diagnostic logging which is most valuable.

If you have an open ticket with the GWAVA Support, you will always be asked for the logs in the support folder.
When you open a new support ticket please attach the support log(s) that match your issue.

Folder Description
GWAVAUPD The GWAVAUPD process performs online updates and downloads new files when an update request is performed.
dberr_pg Database error logging if GWAVA is configured to use a Postgre database.
dberr_sqlite Database error logging if GWAVA is configured to use SQLite databases.
gwava The GWAVA process performs scanning for all interfaces and tells the interface to block or not block a request.
gwavaman GWAVAMAN is the center of the GWAVA program and the operational control point for all the individual modules. All programs and interfaces have to get direct authorization from GWAVAMAN before they can perfrom their functions.
GWAVAMAN is also resposible for storing, configuring, and setting up the GWAVA environment.
gwavapoa The GWAVAPOA process performs scans against a GroupWise POA to purge viruses or any content specified by the admin.
Only used when a "GroupWise POA Scheduled Scan Job" is installed.
gwavaqms The GWAVAQMS process is used to store messages in the Quarantine that were blocked or release previously quarantined messages.
gwvapi The GWVAPI process is handling messages from the GroupWise Mobility Service.
Only used if a "GroupWise Mobility Service Interface" is installed.
gwvgwia The GWVGWIA process is handling messages at the GWIA level.
Only used when a "GroupWise GWIA Mail Interface " is installed.
gwvicap The GWVICAP process is handling inbound connections on the ICAP level which allows GWAVA to filter web traffic.
Only used when the "Web Interface" is installed.
gwvrelay The GWVRELAY process is sending digests, released messages from the Quarantine, reports, notifications, alerts, store & forward messages to the users or the administrator.
gwvsmtp The GWVSMTP process is handling the connections for messages on the SMTP level.
Only used when an "SMTP Interface" is installed.
gwvstats The GWVSTATS module keeps data that is used for statistics.

Depending on the type of interface installed, there could be some additional folders:

wasp WASP is handling messages that are sent from the GroupWise Webaccess.
Only used if a "WASP Interface" is installed.
agent_MTA_<Engine_ID> The MTA Interface is handling messages on the MTA level.
Only used if a "GroupWise MTA Mail Interface" is installed.
vibe The Vibe Interface is handling mails and files that are sent and uploaded to a Novell Vibe server.
Only used if a "Vibe Interface" is installed.

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