QMS Creates the Digest Report, but it Never Reaches the Inbox

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  • 25-May-2017
  • 18-Aug-2017


GWAVA 4.51 or higher


The digest report no longer reaches the inbox, but I can see the it was created by QMS


There are two main components involved when sending out the Digest Report.  First, QMS compiles the list of messages that can be digested for each user, then it creates the message to be delivered.  Next, GWAVA Relay is what handles the delivery of these messages, so even though everything looks fine in QMS, there may be some problems with GWAVA Relay delivering the message.

The QMS log will look similar to this:
<ln><p>12</p><l>2</l><d>2010-JUN-18</d><t>12:27:13</t><i>Performing global digest release</i></ln>
<ln><p>12</p><l>3</l><d>2010-JUN-18</d><t>12:27:13</t><i>Digest processing time range: 16:53:00, Wed 16 Jun to 12:27:00, Fri 18 Jun</i></ln>
<ln><p>12</p><l>4</l><d>2010-JUN-18</d><t>12:27:13</t><i>Requesting digest message list from quarantine</i></ln>
<ln><p>12</p><l>4</l><d>2010-JUN-18</d><t>12:27:13</t><i>Digested 5 of 5 messages for gwava@nwhackett.com</i></ln>
<ln><p>12</p><l>4</l><d>2010-JUN-18</d><t>12:27:13</t><i>Digested 5 of 5 messages for baracuda@nwhackett.com</i></ln>
<ln><p>12</p><l>4</l><d>2010-JUN-18</d><t>12:27:13</t><i>Digested 5 of 5 messages for spookfish@nwhackett.com</i></ln>
<ln><p>12</p><l>4</l><d>2010-JUN-18</d><t>12:27:13</t><i>Digested 5 of 5 messages for dragonfish@nwhackett.com</i></ln>
<ln><p>12</p><l>4</l><d>2010-JUN-18</d><t>12:27:13</t><i>Digested 5 of 5 messages for monkfish@nwhackett.com</i></ln>
<ln><p>12</p><l>3</l><d>2010-JUN-18</d><t>12:27:13</t><i>Digest processed 5 messages</i></ln>
<ln><p>12</p><l>2</l><d>2010-JUN-18</d><t>12:27:13</t><i>Custom timeframe global digest release complete</i></ln>
If the log looks like this, then we know that QMS properly generated the digest report, and released it, now it passes the digest on to GWAVA Relay.  Follow these instructions to determine if GWAVA is having trouble delivering the Digest Report.
1) Check the Relay log.
Browse to [GWAVA Directory]/services/logs/gwvrelay/support, find and open the log with the correct time signature.  The log files are named in this format: yyyymmdd(_rollhhmmss).log(.zip)

If the log looks similar to this:
<ln><p>4v</p><l>3</l><d>2010-JUN-18</d><t>13:41:26</t><i>SMTP worker thread activated</i></ln>
<ln><p>4v</p><l>3</l><d>2010-JUN-18</d><t>13:41:26</t><i>Establishing connection to for domain nwhackett.com</i></ln>
<ln><p>4v</p><l>2</l><d>2010-JUN-18</d><t>13:45:08</t><i>Failed to connection to host for domain nwhackett.com</i></ln>
<ln><p>4v</p><l>2</l><d>2010-JUN-18</d><t>13:45:08</t><i>SMTP permanent failure response: No hosts responded for domain nwhackett.com</i></ln>
<ln><p>4v</p><l>2</l><d>2010-JUN-18</d><t>13:45:08</t><i>Message could not be fully delivered at this time and will be retried later</i></ln>
<ln><p>4v</p><l>3</l><d>2010-JUN-18</d><t>13:45:08</t><i>SMTP worker thread completed</i></ln>
<ln><p>4r</p><l>2</l><d>2010-JUN-18</d><t>13:45:08</t><i>Message could not be fully delivered at this time and will be retried later</i></ln>
<ln><p>4r</p><l>3</l><d>2010-JUN-18</d><t>13:45:08</t><i>SMTP worker thread completed</i></ln>
GWAVA Relay is saying that it is unable to connect to the SMTP server to deliver the digest report to the users at the domain nwhackett.com.  This means that you most likely have entered the wrong IP address for your SMTP server on that domain.

If the IP address is correct, then the host was unavailable at the time GWAVA Relay tried to deliver the digest, and it will try again later.  Most likely Groupwise or the GWIA was down, and GWAVA Relay couldn't connect.

If this log looks different and you are not receiving the digest report, please contact GWAVA support for more help.
2) Reconfigure the domain and authentication information, if needed.
In the GWAVA Management Console, browse to Server/Scanner Management-> [server]-> Server Management-> Configure Domains.  Read this article for instructions on configuring your domains:
Configuration of a Multiple Domain System
Make sure that you have correctly configured your domain(s), that the server address(es), username(s) and password(s) (if applicable), and other settings, are correct.
3) Ensure that Groupwise and all its components are running and working properly.
4) Verify that the digest gets delivered
Now you can either wait for the next scheduled digest report to be sent out, or you can manually release the digest.  Follow this link for instructions:
How to Manually Release a Digest in QMS2
After another digest has been released, check the logs again to make sure the digest was successfully generated and delivered.  The GWAVA Relay log will show a message being delivered for each user, which looks similar to this:
ln><p>3d</p><l>3</l><d>2010-JUN-23</d><t>09:51:04</t><i>SMTP worker thread activated</i></ln>
<ln><p>3d</p><l>3</l><d>2010-JUN-23</d><t>09:51:04</t><i>Establishing connection to for domain nwhackett.com</i></ln>
<ln><p>3d</p><l>2</l><d>2010-JUN-23</d><t>09:51:04</t><i>Established connection to host for domain nwhackett.com</i></ln>
<ln><p>3d</p><l>4</l><d>2010-JUN-23</d><t>09:51:04</t><i>Connected to SMTP server, delivering message</i></ln>
<ln><p>3d</p><l>3</l><d>2010-JUN-23</d><t>09:51:04</t><i>[64] Initiating delivery to 1 recipient</i></ln>
<ln><p>3d</p><l>4</l><d>2010-JUN-23</d><t>09:51:04</t><i>[64] 220 brad.nwhackett.com Ready</i></ln>
<ln><p>3d</p><l>4</l><d>2010-JUN-23</d><t>09:51:04</t><i>[64] EHLO GWAVAMailer</i></ln>
<ln><p>3d</p><l>4</l><d>2010-JUN-23</d><t>09:51:04</t><i>[64] 250-brad.nwhackett.com</i></ln>
<ln><p>3d</p><l>4</l><d>2010-JUN-23</d><t>09:51:04</t><i>[64] 250-AUTH LOGIN</i></ln>
<ln><p>3d</p><l>4</l><d>2010-JUN-23</d><t>09:51:05</t><i>[64] 250-8BITMIME</i></ln>
<ln><p>3d</p><l>4</l><d>2010-JUN-23</d><t>09:51:05</t><i>[64] 250-SIZE</i></ln>
<ln><p>3d</p><l>4</l><d>2010-JUN-23</d><t>09:51:05</t><i>[64] 250 DSN</i></ln>
<ln><p>3d</p><l>4</l><d>2010-JUN-23</d><t>09:51:05</t><i>[64] MAIL FROM:<gwava@nwhackett.com></i></ln>
<ln><p>3d</p><l>4</l><d>2010-JUN-23</d><t>09:51:05</t><i>[64] 250 Ok</i></ln>
<ln><p>3d</p><l>4</l><d>2010-JUN-23</d><t>09:51:05</t><i>[64] RCPT TO:<stingfish@nwhackett.com></i></ln>
<ln><p>3d</p><l>4</l><d>2010-JUN-23</d><t>09:51:05</t><i>[64] 250 Ok</i></ln>
<ln><p>3d</p><l>4</l><d>2010-JUN-23</d><t>09:51:05</t><i>[64] DATA</i></ln>
<ln><p>3d</p><l>4</l><d>2010-JUN-23</d><t>09:51:05</t><i>[64] 354 Enter mail, end with "." on a line by itself</i></ln>
<ln><p>3d</p><l>4</l><d>2010-JUN-23</d><t>09:51:05</t><i>[64] 250 Ok</i></ln>
<ln><p>3d</p><l>4</l><d>2010-JUN-23</d><t>09:51:05</t><i>[64] QUIT</i></ln>
<ln><p>3d</p><l>4</l><d>2010-JUN-23</d><t>09:51:05</t><i>[64] 221 brad.nwhackett.com Closing transmission channel</i></ln>
<ln><p>3d</p><l>3</l><d>2010-JUN-23</d><t>09:51:05</t><i>SMTP worker thread completed</i></ln>
If you are still having trouble receiving the digest, read these articles for more help:
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