Licensing or Re-Licensing GroupWise Disaster Recovery

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  • 25-May-2017
  • 19-Mar-2019


GroupWise Disaster Recovery


How do I obtain and apply a new license for my GroupWise Disaster Recovery server?


Step 1) Find the License Validation Key that you obtained from Micro Focuses licensing department.

NOTE: The License Validation Key is a string of characters that is typically contained in an e-mail from the  licensing department.

Step 2) Go to the licensing portal at
a. In the Product drop down, select GroupWise Disaster Recovery 18 (Powered by Reload) 

Put the License Validation Key into the "Validation Key" field

c. Select the Next button

d. Fill in the License Registration see FIGURE 1 below

e. Select the Next button, and you will be presented with the License Registration screen show in FIGURE 2 below

f. Download the .pem license file as shown below in whatever manner you would like to download the file in.

Step 3) Submit the .pem file to your GWDR server.

a. Go to the GWDR web administration page. Typically this page is at: <gwdr server ip address>:5555 for example:

b. On the toolbar at the from the Tools drop-down, select License as shown in FIGURE 3 below

c. Select Browse to select the .pem file you obtained from GWAVA's licensing portal.

d. Select the Submit button.

Once the license is submitted to the GWDR server, GWDR daemon will restart itself and consume the new license file. 




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