For the Vertigo License, How Do I Find My GroupWise System Name?

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  • 25-May-2017
  • 09-Feb-2018


Vertigo, all builds


How Do I Find My GroupWise System Name, so that I can register my Vertigo license?


There are a few different ways to find out what your GW system name is.

  • Browse to GroupWise Administration. Go to System | Information, the system name with be in the dialog title bar after Information - <System Name>
  • Open ConsoleOne, click on 'Groupwise System'. The bottom left hand corner will show the GW system name.
  • Open ConsoleOne, right click on 'Groupwise System' and choose 'information'. It will open a new window. The top of the new window will show 'Information: GW system name'
  • Open Vertigo without a license installed (Demo mode), connect to your GW system,  then go to help, and then about. It will give you this information on the right hand side.
The GW system name is case sensitive. Once you have your the name, you can enter this in the 'GW System Name:' field when registering for your Vertigo license .pem file.

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