What is the Difference Between Retain and Reload?

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  • 25-May-2017
  • 29-Aug-2017


Retain and Reload (all builds)


What is the difference between Retain and Reload?


Reload is our hot backup product.  It allow customers to readily access recently backed up messages that have been deleted from the live system.  Reload is also used as a disaster recovery option.  When your live mail server is down, Reload can temporarily act as your mail server and then when your mail server is restored, you can use Reload to restore your mail.  Reload is not a true archiving solution.

For more information about Reload:  http://www.gwava.com/products/reload.html

Retain is GWAVA's archiving product.  Retain allows you to implement your company's retention policy and keep e-mail indefinitely.

For more information about Retain:  http://www.gwava.com/products/retain.html

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