Reload for Retain Server Sizing

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  • 25-May-2017
  • 29-Aug-2017


Reload for Retain

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How much disk space and memory should be allocated to the Reload for Retain Server

Example: A Retain Server has 1.5 Terabytes allocated, how much disk space is requires on the Reload for Retain Server


Quick Answer: Approximately 1.7 Terabytes

Reload for Retain stores the following data from the Retain Server:

Retain Base Directory contents (A few megabytes)

The Retain Database - Ratio: 1:2.4 (14 Days worth of Backups)

  • If using MySQL, consider using a Master/Slave configuration of MySQL so that the Retain Database can be replicated in real-time.
    • The size of the Slave MySQL Database will be the same size as the Master MySQL Database because the Slave is a duplicate replica of the MySQL Database on the Master.
  • Reload for Retain can perform MySQL Dumps of the Retain database. Each dump of the Retain Database is approximately 10% of the actual size of the database. The reason for this is that the MySQL Dump is compressed into a zip file.
  • Example: The Retain database is 100 Gigabytes
    • Allocate 100 GB on the Reload for Retain Server
    • In order to keep 14 days worth of dumps, allocate 140 GB on the Reload for Retain Server to store the dumps.

The Retain Archive (blob files) - Ratio: 1:1

The Retain Archive files are replicated in their entirety. Retain can maintain multiple Retain Archive partititions. Make sure to allocate disk space on the Reload for Retain Server for all Retain Archive Partitions.

The Retain Indexes - Ratio: 1:1

Generally only one copy of the Retain Indexes (the latest version of the Indexes) is necessary.


Since Retain will be installed on the Reload Server for Push-Button Disaster Recovery purposes, the amount of memory on the Reload for Retain Server should be sufficient for hosting the Retain System. To install Retain on the Reload Server there must be at least 12 Gigabytes of RAM. If for some reason the 12 Gigabytes cannot be implemented on the Reload Server when Retain needs to be installed, you can run the Retain system installation with the following special switch:

bash -IgnoreMemoryCheck

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