How to Update GWAVA 4

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  • 03-Dec-2007
  • 07-Aug-2017


GWAVA 4 (Netware and Linux)


How do you update GWAVA 4 for Linux and Netware


To update GWAVA 4 follow these simple instructions:

1. Enter the GWAVA Management Console by typing in the ipaddress of the server followed by :49282. 

2. Enter the User Name and Password to login to the GWAVA management console. 

3. Click on System Management
Click on Online Updates

Note: You may also access the 'Online Updates' via the 'Welcome' screen. A link shows up on the right window pane under "News/Updates". Click on that to go to the Online Updates page. 

 Click on Submit Update Request
This will proceed to download the latest version of GWAVA 4 from the GWAVA server. 

Note: Proxy servers and firewalls may hinder the online update and will fail in downloading the new version. Be sure to allow port 80 on your firewall and if needs be you may enter in the proxy information within the "Online Updates" 

5. When the update is completed you will see a screen that  will prompt you to restart GWAVA. 

6. Shut down GWAVA 
gwavadn on NetWare
rcgwavaman stop on Linux
7. Start GWAVA
gwavaup on NetWare
rcgwavaman start on Linux

Your GWAVA 4 is now up to date.

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