Installing GroupWise Software to a Reload Server

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Reload & Blueprint for Reload


How can I determine the versions of the GroupWise Agents and DBCOPY installed on the Reload server?

How can I upgrade the GroupWise software on the Reload server to match my live GroupWise system?


Determining the Version of GroupWise Installed on the Reload Server:

You can query the rpm utility to determine what version of GroupWise is installed. Use the following command:

rpm -qa | grep groupwise

Changing the GroupWise Software Installed on The Reload Server:

[ The Manual Method for Installing GroupWise - Most Reliable Method!  ]

Here are the steps for upgrading the GroupWise software on a Reload server manually.

1.) Load Reload Console Administration and select System | GroupWise | Version and change the version to match the version you would like Reload to use.

2.) Obtain the Linux based GroupWise software that matches the version of GroupWise on your system (not the GroupWise client). Currently the best location to do this at is:

3.)  Once the software is downloaded and extracted, uninstall the GroupWise Agent and GroupWise DBCOPY code.

NOTE: Generally you will need to remove any existing GroupWise software before installing the new GroupWise software. Use the following commands:

rpm -qa | grep groupwise

You will get a listing of GroupWise components, for example:


Remove the software in this manner:

[ GroupWise 8, and GroupWise 2012 ]

rpm -e novell-groupwise-dbcopy

rpm -e novell-groupwise-agents

[ GroupWise 2014 ]

rpm -e novell-groupwise-server


[ GroupWise 2014 R2 ]

rpm -e groupwise-server

4.) Install the GroupWise software

[ GroupWise 8, and GroupWise 2012 ]

The DBCOPY code is typically found in the GroupWise Linux software set in the "admin" directory. The agent software is in the "agents" directory.

For GroupWise Install the software in this manner:

rpm -ivh novell-groupwise-agents-12.0.2-108211.i586
rpm -ivh novell-groupwise-dbcopy-12.0.2-108211.i586

[ GroupWise 2014 ]

In the GroupWise Linux software set that you downloaded and extracted, look for a directory called "server". In that directory, run the script called ""


[ The Simple Method - That Might Work...and Might Not Work ]

There are a couple of steps to take in order to upgrade the GroupWise software on the Reload server.

1.) Load Reload Console Administration and select System | GroupWise | Version and change the version to match the version of GroupWise you will be manually installing to the Reload server.

2.) The Reload daemon will look for Reload software in a very specific place particular to Reload in order to determine if it can upgrade to the version you requested. The best way to determine if Reload is able to upgrade the software use the terminal query command ( rpm -qa | grep groupwise ) shown earlier in this article. Give Reload about 15 minutes to try and upgrade, if Reload does not perform the upgrade, then you must do so manually, keep reading for instructions on how to do this.


NOTE: Once the GroupWise software is installed, Reload and Blueprint for Reload can immediately use the version of software that you install. The version of GroupWise will eventually be reported correctly in the Reload Web Administration and Reload Console menu. It can take up to an hour, because Reload only checks the version of the GroupWise software that is installed every hour.

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