MFDC: Publish Failed. An error occurred while pushing the image

  • 7019507
  • 24-May-2017
  • 24-May-2017


Novell ZENworks Application Virtualization
Novell ZENworks Configuration Management


When using the "Publish to Server" button in Micro Focus Desktop Containers Studio to publish to a MFDC Streaming Server, the following error occurs:
"Publish failed.  An error occurred while pushing the image.  An error occurred while uploading the virtual machine.  There may be a network issue or you may require more storage on your server account."


MFDC Servers can operate in either Streaming Servers or Hub Servers, depending on which license is applied to the server.
MFDC Streaming servers are designed to deliver virtual applications to clients.
MFDC Hub servers act as repositories for virtual app developers within an organization.
The "Publish to Server" button is designed to publish to Hub servers and will generate the error above when directed to a Streaming server.
To publish an application to a Streaming Server, open the Streaming server's administrative portal from the device running MFDC Studio.