When Do Blueprint Report Jobs Run?

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  • 03-Jun-2013
  • 29-Aug-2017


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When do Blueprint report jobs run?


Blueprint report jobs run weekly immediately upon completion of the Portable backup job for that profile.  They are treated as custom job events in the profile (from the main profile menu of a given profile: Portable | Customize | Portable | 3 Perform Customized Job Stop Command and 4 Input Customized Job Stop Command). 

This schedule is not configurable through the Reload administration console or web interface at this time; however, a report job can be launched at any time through the command prompt or through the Reload web interface.  In addition, a cron job could be created to launch a job automatically.  Just follow the same steps for creating an intra-day backup.  Instead of launching /usr/sbin/reloadj..., you would have it launch /usr/sbin/blueprint -r [profile].

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