How to Clear Out Stalled Backup Jobs

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  • 20-Aug-2013
  • 30-Aug-2017


Reload (all versions)


A customer's Reload backup job for a particular profile had been running for several days and appeared stalled.  When checking for running processes (ps aux), there are a large number of bash scripts (/bin/bash -c) or Reload scripts (gre_*.sh).

There are many reasons this can occur, but one of the typical reasons is a network interruption during a backup job.  Regardless, the job has obviously stalled and not progressed, so how does a customer get things cleared out so a new job can be started?


1.  Go into the Reload administration console and clear the queue and stop the backup job.

2.  Exit the Reload admin console.

3.  At the command prompt, type:  dreload stop

4.  Change to /opt/beginfinite/reload/ directory.

5.  Remove the proc directory:  rm -r proc.  Reload will re-create it the next time a job runs.

6.  Reboot the Reload server.
Now you can start a new backup job.

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