Agent Log Errors: Could Not Find "OFMSG" or "OFFILES"

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  • 22-May-2013
  • 29-Aug-2017


Reload (all versions)


The agent log (agent.log or [profile].agent.log) reports errors such as, "Error: Could not find "/[path to profile]/po3/podbcopy/OFFILES".  This same error is given at times on OFMSG or OFUSER, etc.  Why is that?  Do I need to be concerned?


These are normal error messages and actually are not errors in the backup at all.

Reload increases the efficiency of the backup process launches separate instances of the GroupWise DBCOPY utility, which does the copying of the GroupWise files.  Reload makes this process more efficient by doing it this way.  It first launches dbcopy to copy the user databases.  If dbcopy were left to run unmanaged by Reload, it would attempt to copy all of the GroupWise files during the session.  Reload prevents this by using a "staged" post office directory structure under /[path to profile]/po3/podbcopy.  In that directory, it only provides dbcopy with access to the user databases; thus, dbcopy cannot find the other post office directories and returns an error.

The same goes for when Reload goes to copy the ofmsg databases.  It uses a staged directory off the profile called "po4".  For the OFFILES, it uses po5 - po14, depending on how many BLOBS threads the profile has been set to.  Each thread will use its own instance of dbcopy and it will be pointed to a unique mock post office directory.

So, when you see those errors, just look at what directory path it is giving an error on.  If it is "po3" and the error is on GWDMS, OFMSG, OFVIEWS, or OFFILES, that is to be expected.  If ti is "po4", then you should expect to see errors on GWDMS, OFUSER, OFVIEW, OR OFFILES, etc.

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