GroupWise Client Reporting 8201 Error When Accessing Backup

  • 7019468
  • 14-Aug-2014
  • 30-Aug-2017


GroupWise on Linux
Restore Area Management


When a user tries to access deleted messages from the Reload backup's restore area (File | Open Backup), the client reports an 8201 error.


On the GroupWise server, the customer was not running the agents with the root account.  Instead, they were using a dedicated account called "gwagents".  It is an eDirectory user account which has been Linux enabled (in Linux User Management, or "LUM").

By default, the restore area mount point on the Reload server is owned by "root", so the "gwagents" account had no access.

To resolve the issue, the customer used the "chown" command to give the "gwagents" account ownership of the restore area directories and this resolved the issue.

Additional Information

This article was originally published in the GWAVA knowledgebase as article ID 2331.