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  • 20-Nov-2009
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What are the startup options used when dbcopy is launched and backs up my GroupWise system.


The startup options can be found at the begining of the DBCOPY log file. To locate the log file click on Where are the DBCOPY Log Files Located

The following are the default for each backup which were taken from each of the log files.

OFUSER: Commands: -k -t 1 -u 5001 /data/po1/po3/podbcopy /data/po1/backups/creating/3
OFMSG: Commands: -s -t 1 -u 5002 -k /data/po1/po4/podbcopy /data/po1/backups/creating/4
OFFILES: Commands: -o -k -b -t 1 -u 5005 -m /data/po1/po5/poblobscopy /data/po1/blobs/b5

-k = skips connecting database size information during the migration
-t = number of threads
-s = indicates that this is the second pass of the migration process
-o = skips the second copy of the po offiles directory during migration
-b = indicates that dbcopy will copy document storage area
-u = specifies the tcp port for status requestsduring migration

This is an example from the top of the OFUSER DBCOPY log file:
Starting DBCopy Listener on IP address port 5001

Commands: -k -t 1 -u 5001 /data/po1/po3/podbcopy /data/po1/backups/creating/3

GroupWise Backup Date: 11-17-2009 21:08

Source Directory: /data/po1/po3/podbcopy
Destination Directory: /data/po1/backups/creating/3

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