Can Reload Run A Script Before A Backup Job?

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  • 02-Jul-2010
  • 29-Aug-2017


Reload (all versions)


Sometimes the connection to my external hard drives (iscsi) are lost and the connection has to re-established before the backup jobs can run successfully. 


A script can be added to a standard (daily) job, that could run prior to a backup job running, that will mount the device (could be an iscsi device). This will need to be created by the end user.

 1) Create your script.

Here is a article found online that shows how to create a basic script.

After the script has been created and tested, it can be used.

2) Customize the job to use the script.

In the Reload Console Administration Main Menu, browse to Profiles-> Post Office Profile-> (the profile to use the script)-> Standard-> Customize-> Input Customized Job Start Command

3) Enter the "Job Start Command."

Enter the path and the name you gave the script.

example: /reloadbackups/script/remountscript

Note: The included link is for an article that was not created by GWAVA and is not support by GWAVA. It is included as possible help in creating a script.

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