How to Disable Intra-day Backups

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  • 13-Nov-2009
  • 29-Aug-2017


Reload (all version)


Customer has multiple backups running every day for the same profile (a.k.a., intra-day backups) but now wants to disable that. 


Only one job a day can be configured within the Reload administration console; however, if multiple backups a day are needed, then reloadj is used in conjunction with the /etc/contab file. 

To stop the intra-day backups then, edit the /etc/crontab file and remove or remark the lines that run reloadj.  To "remark" a line, put the " # " symbol at the beginning of the line.  Any line that begins with " # " is considered a comment rather than a script that needs to be executed.

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