Retain Cannot Connect Via SOAP to POA After Migrating GroupWise Post Office

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  • 25-Jul-2013
  • 07-Aug-2017


Retain (all versions)
GroupWise Module


Customer migrated his GroupWise post office from NetWare to Windows.  In the process, the post office IP address changed. After the migration, Retain could not connect to the POA via ngwnameserver. 

Even after flushing DNS and successfully connecting to the POA via ngwnameserver through Telnet, Retain could not connect.  If the customer used the POA's IP address for the Retain SOAP configuration settings, then Retain could connect successfully.


Customer restarted Tomcat and then the SOAP connection to the GroupWise POA began working using ngwnameserver.

Additional Information

This article was originally published in the GWAVA knowledgebase as article ID 2181.