What Are The Benefits of a "Collector" With Reload?

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  • 22-Oct-2015
  • 29-Aug-2017


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What Are The Benefits of a "Collector" With Reload?


  • An NFS Export of the GroupWise Post Office or Domain path no longer needs to be maintained
  • The Reload Collector can replicate to up to 3 different Reload servers on every backup job
    • On-site, Off-site, 2nd Off-site (Partner cloud or GWAVA's cloud)
    • or....
    • Off-site only (Sister site, or Parter cloud or GWAVA's cloud)
  • Collector based backups are generally faster than the traditional Reload Server "pull backup" methods
  • Collector based backups require less bandwidth, because of the efficiencies of Rsync which is used to transmit data from the Collector to the Reload Server
  • Since backups are faster that opens up the following capabilities
    • The ability to do backups more frequently throughout the day
  • A customer who does not have the ability to host a Reload Server can simply backup to a partner's cloud or GWAVA's cloud

NOTE: Using the Reload Collector model is great for security purposes. The Reload Server needs no access through the firewall in order to recieve the backups pushed to it by the Reload Collector.

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