Upgrading to the Latest Version of Blueprint

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  • 02-Feb-2016
  • 30-Aug-2017


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How do I upgrade Blueprint to the latest release (version 6.2 as of 2/2/2016)


Blueprint upgrades itself if the Reload server has HTTP access to the Internet.

To force an upgrade of Blueprint do the following:

In an SSH Session to the Reload Server:

1. Change do the Blueprint upgrade process directory

cd /opt/beginfinite/blueprint/upgrade/proc

2. Delete everything in this directory

rm *

3. Run a Blueprint job and the upgrade will happen

4. If your Reload server does not have HTTP access to the Internet then do the following:

5. Download the Blueprint code at this link: Blueprint Download Link

6. Place the RPM file that was downloaded on the Reload Server in the directory:


7. Type in the following command:

blueprint upgrade

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