How Does the Reload Collector Work?

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How does The Reload Collector Work?


GroupWise Post Office Explanation

  • 1. The Reload Collector backs up the contents of the OFUSER and the OFMSG directory with DBCOPY
    • The Collector puts the contents of the OFUSER and OFMSG directory in a local staging area on the server where the Collector is running
    • The specific path is <path to Reload profile>/backups/weeknow/<backup_day_name>
    • NOTE: The Collector does not use DBCOPY to backup the contents of the OFUSER/INDEX directory
  • 2. The Reload Collector then uses RSYNC to transmit the following content of the post office to the Reload Server profile that the Collector is paired with.
    • OFUSER - From the <backup_day_name>/ofuser directory
    • OFMSG - From the <backup_day_name>/ofmsg directory
    • OFUSER/INDEX - From the live post office /ofuser/index directory
    • OFFILES - From the live post office /offiles directory
  • 3. The remote staging location that the post office data gets replicated to on the Reload Server is as follows:
    • OFUSER - <profile path>/gre_data/sync/ofuser
    • OFMSG - <profile path>/gre_data/sync/ofmsg
    • OFUSER/INDEX - <profile path>/gre_data/ofuser/index
    • OFFILES - <profile path>/blobs/offiles
  • 4. Once the post office data is replicated to the Reload Server, the Reload Server creates a backup as it always has, but as an input, it uses the data off of the staging area on the Reload Server at <profile path>/gre_data/sync directory.
  • 5. The backed up data is copied from the staging area to the <profile path>/backups/weeknow/<backup day name> directory. 


  • The Reload Collector pushes a backup set to the Reload Server
  • The Reload Server only performs a backup of the data in the <profile path>/gre_data/sync directory when it gets a notification from the Reload Collector to perform the backup
  • The Reload Collector manages it's own schedule for Standard Backups. The Reload Server does not have a schedule, it performs backups only when poked by the Reload Collector to do so.
  • When a Collector is running a job, if you want to stop the job, you can do so either from the Collector or from the Server. It is more direct to stop the job from the Collector.
  • When the Reload Server is upgraded to a new version of Reload, the Reload Collector upgrades itself from the Reload Server

GroupWise Domain Explanation

  • 1. The Reload Collector backups up the contents of the root domain directory. Only GroupWise files are backed up, ie. wpdomain.db, gwdom.dc, etc.
  • 2. The methods used to gather, collect and backup the domain are identical to a post office backup job.

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