Exchange Mailbox Account Type Indicated in Retain Worker Log

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  • 06-Jan-2014
  • 07-Aug-2017


Retain 2.x/3.x
Microsoft Exchange


When Retain begins an archive job, it will list all of the mailboxes from the address book.  When it does so, it indicates what type of account it is in the Worker log.  This can help in troubleshooting issues, especially when it comes to authentication (i.e., "AccessDenied" errors).

For example, standard user mailboxes can be accessed by the impersonation account you set up (typically named "retain" by customers per the instructions in the Administration Guide); however, Room and Equipment accounts must grant delegation rights to the impersonation account.  This will also be true with Shared Mailbox accounts when they become supported by Retain in version 3.2.1.


There are 4 account types:
0 = Standard user or linked mailbox.
1 = Room.
2 = Equipment.
3 = Shared Mailbox.
When looking at a log, you'll see a long list of "AbstractLDAPOperation" lines at the beginning of the job (several lines below the phrase, "RetainDredger - Beginning the dredging saga of [job name]"  .  The account "type" code in this sample has been put in a bold red highlighted with a yellow background for emphasis.  Note that any customer-specific and potentially sensitive information has been replaced with italicized labels. 
00:31:44,921 AbstractLDAPOperation - AddressBookItem: LDAPUser [dn=CN=accountname,OU=ou-name,DC=DOMAINNAME,DC=INT, homeMDB=CN=databasename,CN=Databases,CN=Exchange Administrative Group (alphanumeric characters),CN=Administrative Groups,CN=DOMAINNAME,CN=Microsoft Exchange,CN=Services,CN=Configuration,DC=DOMAINNAME,DC=INT, legacyExchangeDN=/o=domainname/ou=Exchange Administrative Group (alphanumeric characters)/cn=Recipients/cn=AccountName, linkedMailbox=false, mailboxGUID=alphanumeric characters, mailboxNickname=AccountName, msExchAccountMasterSid=alphanumeric characters, objectGUID=alphanumberic characters, objectSID=alphanumeric characters, toString()=[Id=0,UID=dda0e947f4cc0949a41d0d3f00668b66,Type=1,,FirstName=firstname,LastName=DSW-lastname,MailBox=accountname@domainname.INT,,AltHash=6B12EB1D657A98CF051D97D23D096556,Department=,cacheTime=0,storeTime=0,itemTime=0,createTime=0,sysEmailFlag=1,,ParentPostOfficeID=alphanumeric ccharacters,ParentPostOffice=ALPHNUMERIC CHARACTERS]]

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