How To Change The LDAP Server

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  • 11-May-2010
  • 29-Aug-2017


Reload (all version)


How do I force my Access Mode POA to use a different ldap server then what my production GroupWise server is using.


The poa startup file is read first, before the wphost.db. If any switches are found in the startup file, then any matching switches located in the db will not be used. 

Every time a POA is loaded on the Reload server the following startup file is recreated;

from a copy of the startup file located in;
../<profile directory>/gre_data/poa_startup_files/access/

Changes will need to be made to the startup file located under the profile.

The ldap switch can be added to the *.poa file;

(the following is a section of the startup file)
;  The LDAP server's IP address in dotted format or DNS format.  If multiple
;  LDAP authentication server addresses are specified, they will be used
;  by the LDAP server in FAILOVER manner. The address should be specified
;  in this format: ""  with a space in between
;  each address

After adding the /ldapipaddr switch with the ip/host then restart the Reload POA, after the file has been saved.

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