Cannot Load or Log Into Access Mode POA

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  • 13-Nov-2009
  • 13-Apr-2019


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When trying to use the Access Mode POA to load, the poa won't load
  • It may not show running in the GWDR Administration Console or show that that the Access Mode is not loaded in the WEB UI.
  • An error may occur in the agent.log where it cannot find the "postoffice".poa
  • Another symptom is the access mode loads, but when trying to access the post office to the Access POA via the GroupWise client, it is unable tofind the ipaddress and switches to the ngwnameserver(1), and results in launching the live post office instead. 


Recreate the Access Mode POA startup file. 
This can only be done in the Reload Adminstration Console from a terminal prompt. 

1. Load Reload Console Administration: Type reload
2. Navigate to:  Profiles | select POA Profile | <select profile> | Access-Backups - Configure/Enable Access to Backups | Access-Mode - Access Mode POA Configuration | Delete-Access - Delete and RE-create the POA Startup File

Turn on access mode from there, and then log into the GroupWise client into the GWDR address. Verify it is the backup by clicking on Help | About in the Client and ensure it shows the GWDR address. 


Usually changes with the poa file, or corruption of the poa file can occurs. GWDR only needs to recreate its own startup file to connect to the backups. 

Additional Information

To see if the Access Mode is loaded can be done in these ways: 

1. GWDR(Reload) web interface. On the home page will show the green arrow next to the post office profile which indicates it is running. Hovering over the arrow will show what backup is loaded. 

2. In the Administration Console (type reload in a terminal prompt), select Access Backups, then select the Post Office Profile. At the top of the window will display if the Access mode is running or not, and display which one is running. 

3) In a terminal prompt type in: ps aux |grep poa. This will show a list of all of the Post Office Agents running on the machine. The Access Mode poa is running if you see the line that reads: ./gwpoa @../share/"po1".access.poa

4) When setting up the Access Mode POA, either in the interface, or from the Administration Console, specify a different port rather than default 1677. This way a test can be done from the client using the unique port and be easier to see if it is a conflict with the client port, or if it is actually connecting or not. Alternatively, when logged into the client, click on Help | About Groupwise and check the ipaddress to see if it is connecting to the GWDR (Reload) server)