If upgrading to GroupWise 8.0, does Reload need to be updated?

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  • 14-Apr-2009
  • 05-Sep-2017


Reload (all version)


If I am running Reload 2.5 and plan on upgrading to GroupWise 8.0, from 7.x, does the Reload need to be updated to Reload 3.1?


Reload does not need to be updated to Reload 3.1 for the Reload system to function correctly. The version of GroupWise (7.x and 8.0) won't effect Reloads ability to function correctly. If the GroupWise clients are updated to GroupWise 8.0 then the GroupWise agents on the Reload server will need to be at GroupWise 8. 

It is recommended to update to the latest version of Reload to take advantage of all the fixes, and changes.

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