How to copy tars larger then 2G to Netware

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  • 09-Mar-2009
  • 30-Aug-2017


Reload (all version)


Reload can not copy TAR file to NetWare greater then 2G.


There appears to be a 2G limitation with NCP.  Reload uses NCP to mount a netware volume for backups, and if any files are over 2G  in size, the entire files can not be copied.  When reload creates a tar file that is over 2G in size, and the path specified is on a NetWare volume, then the copy will stop when 2G is reached.

NFS allows for files greater then 2G to be copied from the Reload server using an NFS mount.

To work around the issue with large tar file, the post-tar command can be used to copy the TAR file using an NFS mount.

The first step is to configure NFS on the netware server.  The following tid is from Novell's site; NFS Mount on NetWare

Once NFS has been configured and restarted, then the NetWare server is now ready for the nfs mount from the Linux Reload server.

Configuring reload:
The tar file will need to be created on the reload server, so configure the tar path to point somewhere on the Linux server.  Next, set "Expire Old Tape Archive (TAR) Files" to Enable, that way each time a new tar is created on the reload server the old one is cleared first to conserv space on the Reload server.

A pre-tar script and a port-tar script will need to be created.  The pre-tar script script will unmount then NFS mount the NetWare server.  We do the unmount incase anything has happened to the original mount.

[example script]
umount /mnt/nwnfs_vol1
mount -t nfs /mnt/nwnfs_vol1

The post-tar script will be coping the tar file to the NFS mount.

[example script]
cp /data/po1/tar/*.tar /mnt/nwnfs_vol1/reload/tarfiles

 This configuration will clear any obsolete mounts to the NetWare server, and then create a new mount.  The prior TAR file  will be removed, then a new TAR will be created.  The new TAR will then be copied to the netware server, even 2+ Gig files.

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