Setting A Different Destination Email For Forwarding Rule

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  • 06-Jul-2015
  • 07-Aug-2017


Migration Tool Kit


The customer had a new domain and email address policy they were implementing and needed a way to forward to a different email address than the default.


This change is made in the user migrator .CSV file.
Column N is the Destination Email and is where the new email needs to end up.

If you open the .CSV in Excel you can copy Column N into a new sheet where you can change things without worrying about losing the original data until you are ready.

The first thing the customer wanted to do was change the email domain.
It took a simple find&replace to change all the domains from to

The customer also wanted to do was change the email names from to

We copied the First Name and Last Name columns to another sheet, and used the CONCATENATE command to do the work.

With First Name in Column A and Last Name in Column B we used this command into Column C:
Then filled down.

Then we copied the resulting column into Column N in the the original sheet using Paste Special, Value Only, so only the resulting values and not the formulas were pasted. The formulas would not be recognized by the MTK.

Finally we had to save the file as an MS-DOS .CSV file to a new file, and closed it (the MTK does not like the file to be open in another program.)
We also copy and pasted the related .CSV.DATA to match the resulting new .CSV file.

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