PstMigrator Error: ..."Could not get ExchangeCacheObjects"

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  • 29-Jan-2014
  • 07-Aug-2017


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PST Migrator produces error, "Could not add .pst file.  java.lang.Runtimeexception: java.lang.runtimeException: Could not get ExchangeCacheObjects", when clicking on the "Add" button to add a pst file to migrate.


The customer had the wrong version of Java installed on the workstation from which the PstMigrator was being run.  It requires specifically (and only) version 1.6.38 as of the date of this article.  Using a newer version will not work.

After the customer uninstalled version 1.7.x and installed 1.6.38 from the GWAVA download site, the PstMigrator worked without producing the error.  The customer was able to add the pst file and run the tool.

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