920C: Invalid Stream Type

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  • 26-Oct-2009
  • 07-Aug-2017


Retain (all versions)


920C: Invalid Stream Type


This error occurs when the GroupWise engine was unable to retrieve the requested message part because it was 0 bytes and therefore the message part is not retrievable.  GroupWise is unable to send this data to Retain to be archived.

Retain uses a placeholder for the message part in the archive.  To better illustrate what we are referring to when we say "message part", consider text.htm is part of a whole email message comprised of other files, (mime.822, attachment1.jpg, etc.).  If text.htm was a 0 byte file (causing the 920c error), Retain will create a text document in it's place called text.htm.txt.  It would then be stored with the entire message structure (with the mime.822, and other attachments).  The error will be written in the placeholder file.  Using this method, Retain will advance the storage flag to prevent these errors from reoccurring on subsequent jobs.


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