Retain Server Remains in Maintenance Mode, Unable to Login

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  • 16-Oct-2015
  • 07-Aug-2017


Retain 4.0


I'm unable to login to the RetainServer web admin interface and users are not able to log into their mailboxes.  Why is that?

[WARN ] AppController: The volume where your log files reside has less than 20 GB of free disk space remaining.  If the volume gets down to 10 GB of free disk space Retain will enter maintenance mode to prevent corruption that can occur if the volume completely runs out of space.  Once that happens, you will need to solve the disk space issue to be able to continue using Retain.


A new feature has been added to Retain 4.0 to prevent critical files from being damaged by running out of disk space. Retain checks available disk space in:

  • /opt (this is the default location of the log files in /opt/beginfinite/retain/tomcat7/logs)
  • archive
  • index

It has two different disk availability threshold:

Below 20 GB Available
When disk space one any one of the aforementioned directories goes below 20 GB available, a warning email gets sent every 6 hours to the admin configured under Server Configuration | Communications | Notifications.

Below 10 GB Available
Once disk space dips below 10 GB available:

  • An error message will be sent to the admin.
  • The Retain Server gets put into maintenance mode.
  • Background indexing threads will be shut down.

In a future version of Retain, these thresholds will be configurable.

If /opt is on its own volume, that volume will have to be >20GB because Retain does not check if the logs are symbolically linked to a different location.

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