Changing the Server Logout Page Redirect

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Retain 3.x
Retain Server Web Administration Tool


We are currently running Retain and are looking at adding it to our Single Sign-On infrastructure (NetIQ/Novell Access Manager); however we are running into an issue with the logout link. It redirects to the Retain login page, which then preforms an SSO authentication and returns the user to their archive. What we need to do is to change the logout link to redirect to our NAM gateway. Is there an easy way to do that?


This can be done but it becomes an unsupported configuration for Retain.  It should also be noted that the steps that will be given may not work with future releases; and, if they do, they would need to be performed again on the new logout.jsp.  This article assumes some expertise with Linux or Windows since the reader is willing to edit a jsp file.
1.   Stop tomcat.

2.  Navigate to the Manager directory, which contains the logout.jsp.

It might be easiest to use WinSCP, which will allow you to open the file from within its interface into a text editor.

Default Windows Path:  [drive]:\Program Files\Beginfinite\Retain\RetainServer\Manager

  Make a backup copy logout.jsp and then edit it.

4.  Go to line #11, which should read:  response.sendRedirect(cfg.webPath() +"/login.jsp");

5.  Replace cfg.webPath() +"/login.jsp" with the URL of a page to which you want it to redirect.  Place that URL within quotes.
Example:  response.sendRedirect("");
6.  Restart tomcat.

NOTE:  This will not work if other versions of Java are installed on Linux systems.  Retain requires 1.6.38.  To check if other versions are installed, go into Software Management (from YaST) and search on "java".  If any versions of Java come back on the list as installed, uninstall them.  If it still isn't working, delete the version of Java under .../retain and then run the Retain installer again.  It will re-install the correct version of Java for you and then this should work.

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