GroupWise d105 Errors on Retain Server and Client Plugin's Single-Signon Not Working

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  • 06-Mar-2015
  • 07-Aug-2017


Retain 3.x


I'm seeing d105 errors (unable to access directory service) on the Retain Server under Status & Updates; and, when my users click on the icon for the Retain plugin for GroupWise client, it launches the web page but does not log the user in.  This used to work.


The customer had created a new GroupWise trusted application key within the GroupWise Administration Console but had not updated the Retain module for GroupWise with the new key.

The customer did not export the key file, so we deleted the key that had been created, created a new TAK, and pasted that key into the Retain module for GroupWise. 

After that, clicking on the plugin's icon launched the Retain web interface and logged the users on automatically like it was supposed to.

She did not realize it, but this also had affected archive jobs.  They had not run for a few days for the same reason.

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