Fixing EA01, "HTTP 400: null", and "Unexpected character '@' (code 64)..." Errors

  • 7019180
  • 11-Mar-2015
  • 07-Aug-2017


Retain 3.5 and earlier
GroupWise 2012


Customers getting "ea01" or "HTTP 400:null" errors need to apply a Retain and a GroupWise patch.  In one customer's case, they had an ampersand ("&") in their domain name, which was causing problems.


First, upgrade to Retain 3.5.1 - tt fixes an issue with the XML parser so that the real issue is seen clearly.  As an added benefit, this customer for which this issue was addressed noticed that the archive jobs ran significantly faster after applying that patch.

Then, open a ticket with GroupWise tech support and reference bug 921851.  Tell tech support that the fix will be in build equal to or greater than 119591.

You only need to update the agents, not the clients.  For best success:

  1. Unload the agents.
  2. Upgrade the agents.
  3. Reboot the server. 

Sometimes shared components from the previous version can get left in memory, so these steps are very important.

Additional Information

This article was originally published in the GWAVA knowledgebase as article ID 2496.