GroupWise Archive Error: "The server sent HTTP status code 400: null"

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  • 11-Feb-2015
  • 07-Aug-2017


Retain 3.x


A few mailboxes are getting an error during the archive job that reads, "The server sent HTTP status code 400: null".  What is this?


It is not sure at this time if the issue is in Retain or in GroupWise.  It is known that special characters in domain and post office names can cause problems.

In this customer's case, we noticed that - in each instance of the error - the domain name in the message string was corrupted.  The company consisted of two last names separated by an ampersand character, so the domain name consisted of the first character of both names (fictitious example: Smith & Jones, so the domain name was S&J).

On a good message that Retain is able to archive, the ampersand was "escaped"  with "%26" in between the two initials (i.e., "S%26J").  What we were seeing in the Worker log when these errors occurred was "S%EF%FB%BFJ" (domain name purposely altered in this example but corrupted characters left as found in the log):

In each case, the messages were in the Trash container in the mailbox and they were all spam messages.  The customer did not care to archive spam, so we added the code 400 error to the file to ignore these errors and advance the retention flag anyway.

If you are getting this error, call customer support and reference bug 6586.  Since the customer did not wish to pursue it further for the reasons explained, no further research will be done on this unless other customers are affected.  We have reason to believe this is an isolated case.

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