D01b Errors During Archive Jobs

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When looking at the job errors in the Reporting and Monitoring Server (or when I get job error messages in my email from Retain), I see some mailboxes getting d01b errors.  What are these and what do I do about them?  The errors are not allowing Retain to advance the retention flag and users cannot empty items newer than that flag from their trash.


A d01b error typically means there is some sort of permissions issue accessing an item that Retain has requested to archive.  When Retain archives a mailbox, it sends a request for items in that mailbox on a specific folder for a given timeframe (as defined in the Scope tab of the profile associated with the job that is running).  GroupWise returns that list of items and then we request each one, including their attachments.

In the case of d01b, GroupWise has notified Retain of an item and its attachments; and when Retain requests the attachment, the GroupWise system cannot access it because of how it was stored in the GroupWise databases.

Here is a Novell explanation on d01b errors:

D01B Access to GroupWise denied
: GroupWise engine.
Explanation: Access to the user database required for this operation has not been granted.
Possible Cause: You are trying to proxy to a user’s mailbox, or perform an action as a proxy on
another user’s mailbox, but the mailbox owner has not granted you sufficient
Action: Ask the owner to grant you the necessary rights. The user should add your user
ID to his or her access list to grant proxy access. Look up “proxy, rights” and
“access” in GroupWise client Help.
Possible Cause: You are trying to perform an action in a shared folder, but you do not have
rights to perform the requested operation.
Action: Ask the owner of the shared folder to grant you the necessary rights. Look up
“shared folders” in GroupWise client Help.

Typically, an archive job should not incur a d01b error.  In older versions of Retain, it was a bug in how Retain was requesting the item; then, it was discovered as time went on that there were some bugs in the GroupWise SOAP protocol where it could not access the requested items that software using the GroupWise API could (or the POA could).

Current Status
Since GroupWise 2012 SP3 and 2014 SP1 were released, there have been two additional reports of d01b errors - although much fewer.  The fixes in 2012 SP4 / 2014 R2 have addressed most of the issues.  

GroupWise 8
GroupWise 8 customers have two options:

Upgrade to GroupWise 2012 SP3 or to GroupWise 2014 SP1 (recommended)

Accept the data loss and configure the errors.properties file for the Retain Worker running the job that gets the errors to ignore the d01b errors.  You need to be on Retain 3.5 or greater for this to work properly.

The attachment will not be archived for that particular user's mailbox.  In most (if not all) d01b conditions, the original owner of the message will have that message in their Retain mailbox as they typically do not get the d01b error; thus, in most (if not all) cases, the item is stored in Retain but it will not be found in the recipients' Retain mailboxes.

GroupWise 2012 / 2014
Novell has released GroupWise 2012 SP4 and GroupWise 2014 SP2, which contain the necessary fixes to resolve the d01b errors.  We encourage our customers to download and install these support packs as soon as possible.

This ONLY needs to be done to the agents.  No client update is necessary.

When installing the newer agents, it is important that they first get unloaded; then, after upgrading them, reboot the server.  Sometimes shared components from the previous version can get left in memory.

For customers who do not wish to use field test code on their production systems, you can resolve many of the d01b issues by upgrading to the latest support packs:

GroupWise 2012 Customers
Upgrade to GroupWise 2012 SP4.

GroupWise 2014 Customers
Upgrade to GroupWise 2014 R2.

There is a a newly found d10b issue not fixed 2012 SP4 and 2014 R2.  Open a ticket with GroupWise technical support and reference their bug # 995425.  There is a field test file (patch) they can provide for the POA.

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