GroupWise: BadCursor- Abort mailbox and Wrong encryption password Code: 3 error

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  • 29-Oct-2014
  • 07-Aug-2017


Retain 3.x
GroupWise Module


We see errors in the log that include: BadCursor - Abort mailbox and Wrong encryption password , Code: 3


This has nothing to do with a password. In one particular case the customer found a hidden folder under Calendar, one that was not seen in the GroupWise client or GWCheck, but could be seen in Notify and Vertigo

Have the affected user right-click on GroupWise Notify and go to options and see if there are any folder that are not seen in the GroupWise client.

A structural rebuild of the user did not resolve the issue.

Using the demo version of Vertigo they were able to see and delete the folder.

Archive jobs then ran normally on that user.

We are also seeing this on mailboxes that have multiple calendars the the profile's Miscellaneous tab has All  set for the Include Shared Folders setting instead of just Owned by Mailbox; thus, a workaround for now is to set the Include Shared Folders to Owned by Mailbox.

This has been reported as bug 7286.

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