Archive Job Error: "HTTP 301: Moved Permanently"

  • 7019164
  • 15-Oct-2014
  • 07-Aug-2017


Retain 3.x
GroupWise 8


My archive job runs fine for any mailbox on PO1, which is the PO to which the Retain Worker is connecting when starting the job; however, for mailboxes on PO2 and PO3, the Worker reports an error, "HTTP 301: Moved Permanently" and then below that it reports a bad UUID error.


PO2 and PO3 had SSL configured for SOAP but PO1 did not.  Mixing SSL with non-SSL is a problem.  Either all need to be using SSL or not at all.  In this case, there was not a need for SSL internally within their network, so disabling SSL on SOAP for PO2 and PO3 resolved the issue.

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