SocketTimeoutException error during archive job

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  • 18-Nov-2009
  • 07-Aug-2017


Retain (all versions)


I searched for archived mail, in Retain, for a specific user.  No email items were in the Retain system during a specific time frame which included about a month and a half.  This was about a week ago, since then all email was backed up.

The following error may have also been received:

502 [Thread-3764] WARN  com.maintainet.gweasysoap.EasySoap - Exception in first readCursorRequest, trying again: HTTP transport error: Read timed out; nested exception is:
 HTTP transport error: Read timed out


One possibility is a cursor time out.

1.  Edit the following file on the Retain server:


2.  Change the following line:



(there is an additional "0" added at the end of the line)

3.  Restart tomcat

4.  Do a full dredge for the user in question and then search in Retain for the mail that was missing.

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