No Messages Processed After Integrating Retain With Reload

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  • 11-Jun-2010
  • 29-Aug-2017


Retain (all versions)


After installing Retain, the Reload Retain POA was configured.  A job was created to integrate Retain with Reload.  The Job appeared to run successfully but no messages were processed.  The report shows the following:

Job Backup with Reload
Job running? No
Job began 11-Jun-2010 13:59:35
Job ended 11-Jun-2010 14:01:45
Time elapsed 0d : 0h : 2m
Next job time
Last PO / Mailbox scanned -- / --
Total errors 0
Total mailboxes (job) 0
Total messages (job) 0
Total messages (lifetime) 0

Is there  a misconfiguration in Retain or Reload?


There is not a misconfiguration.  In order for Retain to successfully work with Reload, Reload has to perform a backup of the GroupWise System.  This is because Reload does not currently have the Retain Trusted Application Key in its database.  After Reload creates a backup of the GroupWise System with the Retain Trusted Application Key, the integration will be successful.

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