Increasing the Number of Items in the Search Results

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  • 10-Apr-2015
  • 01-Sep-2017


Retain 3.5 only


When using the "Search Messages" feature of Retain, the customer wants to increase "How many items to display per page" setting under the "Options" Tab. The highest number available is 100. Here is how to increase that number.



On the Retain Server locate the "search_myoptions.jsp" file. On a Linux server the file is at the following path:


NOTE: Backup the search_myoptions.jsp first before modifying it.

2) Edit the search_myoptions.jsp file and search for this string:


3) If you want the option for "100" display items to change to 500 items for example, change the following line as follows:

- original line -

<option value="100" <%=(myUser.getDisplayNumber()==100) ? "selected" : "" %>>100</option>

- modified line -

<option value="500" <%=(myUser.getDisplayNumber()==500) ? "selected" : "" %>>500</option>

4) Save the file, and restart the Retain Server by stopping and restarting Tomcat.

NOTE: When you upgrade Retain, this file will be replaced. So you will need to make changes to the file again when you upgrade Retain. Do not backup the file and put it back in place after upgrading, because they are other code changes that may be made to the file in a new release of Retain.

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