Dealing with Encrypted Emails

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  • 07-Apr-2016
  • 07-Aug-2017


Retain 3.x/4.x


We have encrypted emails stored in Retain. How can we view the contents?


Encrypted emails are usually only decrypted at the client level with a third party program, so Retain doesn't have the ability to decrypt and index the email. Therefore Retain will not be able to index the message, but you will be able to search by subject, recipient, from and/or date.

To view the message you will have to return it to the email client. The best solution is to return the message to the email system with the restore action.

The admin has the restore right by default and the admin can grant restore rights to a user under Users/User Rights. There are two levels of restore rights: user and administrator. The user level right allows a user to restore to their own mailbox. There is also a Administrator level restore right that allows a user to restore to any mailbox, this is useful for admins and technicians, but generally not something you want to give to most users.

To add the restore right to all users enable it in the Groups/default/Group Rights tab.

Once the restore right is enabled have the user log in to their Retain mailbox, they should see the Restore action on the navbar. Find and select the message, then press Restore.

A copy of the message will be restored to the user's Inbox and can be decrypted there. The message remains in Retain.

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