How to Move Indexes to a Different Volume

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  • 12-Nov-2015
  • 23-Mar-2020


Retain 3.x
Retain 4.x


I am running out of space on my disk. I can add another volume, can I move the indexes to them?


Yes, you can move the indexes pretty easily, unlike the archive which is more complicated. You will want to move the /index and /backup directories. The backup folder is a copy of the indexes, created automatically during nightly maintenance.

  1. Backup your Retain server.
  2. Stop tomcat.
  3. Create the new volume.
  4. In Linux set the proper permissions:
    1. chown -R tomcat:tomcat /[IndexVolumeName]
    2. chmod -R 775 /[IndexVolumeName]
  5. Copy the index directory to the new volume. While you could also copy the backup directory as well, it will be recreated during nightly maintenance.
    • Linux: cp -a /source/* /destination/
    • Linux: To copy to the current directory maintaining rights and permissions cp -a /source/* ./
  6. Make a backup copy of ASConfig.cfg to ASConfig.cfg.bak
  7. Open ASConfig.cfg
    • Linux: /opt/beginifinite/retain/RetainServer/WEB-INF/cfg
    • Windows: C:\Program Files\Beginifinite\Retain\RetainServer\WEB-INF\cfg
  8. Change the following lines to point to the new location
    •  Linux:
      1.  <indexPath>/var/opt/beginfinite/retain/index</indexPath> to <indexPath>/[IndexVolumeName]/index</indexPath>
      2. <backupPath>/var/opt/beginfinite/retain/backup</backupPath> to <backupPath>/[IndexVolumeName]/backup</backupPath>

NOTE: You may find additional <indexPath> instances. Make sure to modify all of them.

  • Windows:
    1. <indexPath>E:\Retain\index</indexPath> to <indexPath>[IndexVolumeLetter]:\RetainIndexes\index</indexPath>
    2. <backupPath>E:\Retain\backup</backupPath> to <backupPath>[IndexVolumeLetter]:\RetainIndexes\backup</backupPath>

NOTE: You may find additional <indexPath> instances. Make sure to modify all of them.

  1.  Save ASConfig.cfg
  2.  Browse to the '[IndexVolumeName]/index/solrhome' path and open the 'zoo.cfg' file.
  3. Change the following line to point to the new location:
    1. dataDir=/var/opt/beginfinite/retain/index/solrhome/zoo_data to dataDir=/[IndexVolumeName]/index/solrhome/zoo_data
  4. Save changes to the zoo.cfg file.
  5.  Rename original index and backup directories to index.old and backup.old.
  6.  Start tomcat
  7.  Log into Retain and go into Search Messages or log in as a user rather then admin
  8.  Use search to try to find a message. You should see messages returned.
    •  If so, then you may delete the index.old and backup.old directories.
    • If not, then something went wrong, delete nothing! Call support for assistance.

Volume Sizing: When attempting to size an index volume It needs to be big enough for the current indexes plus a percentage based on the rate of increase of your email volume.
Note: Retain 4.0 uses a different indexing engine. Which in early tests consumes up to 80% of the archive, not index, size. If your archive is 1TB, then you may need up to 800GB for HPI indexes, depending on of the type of data you are archiving. Images are not indexed but doc files are.

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